15 Checkpoints When Buying An English Springer Spaniel Puppy

15 Checkpoints When Buying An English Springer Spaniel Pup

Purchasing an English Springer Spaniel pup is the initial step on the long road of enjoyment and companionship with these wonderful animals. So, it is important to get it right and these suggestions will allow you to do that. There’s a saying “let the puppy select you”, but that’s all right up to a point, as you still wish to be sure that the new pup is actually healthy.

When you have done all the preliminary tests on the pup – parents’ pedigree, prize winners in last two generations and so on then we come to the finer points.

A pup is by definition quite youthful, so we will not know the way that it’s going to grow, and therefore must rely on the look of the parents. The things we can check on the mother (and maybe the father also if he is about) without being judging specialists are:

1. From the side, is the body essentially square – Height equal to span is not bad?

2. The forelegs – Does the mother stand with pigeon toes or with paws splayed, or ideally paws right ahead?

3. Are the hindquarters muscular and strong are the back paws and looking pointing forward? The rear legs must not be raked or vertical too much, and should have a moderate rake back.

4. Parallel should run with the dog’s back and not rise above it.

5. The paws should look as a continuation of the legs and also the toes shouldn’t be splayed (which can cause injury).

6. The coat should be polished and healthy looking, but not curly or rough. Feathering shouldn’t be excessive.

7. In addition to the basic liver and white or black and white coloring, some tan markings are acceptable, but just on the eyebrows, on the cheeks, within the ears, under the tail, and sparely on the lower legs. Blue roan is an acceptable color in the usa.

If the mother checks out nicely in these respects, and has a good natural pace with the legs swinging right forwards afterward that should be a great indicator for her pups.

On the pup, the checks ought to be as follows (besides the others recorded in the second paragraph):

1. A liver colouring ought to be dark and vibrant.


3. Strong blue eyes which aren’t running or weeping (deeper color nowadays means a deeper hazel colour in adulthood).


5. A jacket that is smooth and shiny.

6. Assess for correct bite in the teeth – upper teeth have a close overlap on the lower teeth and also the jaw is set square.


The puppy should not appear too fat or overly skinny. A big tummy could point to worms.

The aforementioned check list is not exhaustive but will give a good general indicator of the pup’s likely development.